Remove Pool

Urgency: High
Cost: $??, unknown to haul away
Status: In progress

Description: There’s a large above-ground pool behind the house that the mortgage appraiser wanted removed before the house sold. We were told it had been removed only to discover that it hadn’t actually happened. The seller’s agent was going to still remove it, but after encountering yellow jackets gave up. So now we’re left with getting rid of the the thing. It hasn’t been maintained. Under each of the metal joint caps yellow jackets set up hives. Seriously. Anywhere from six to ten of the hives. I’d gotten rid of a bunch of them and then while removing the caps I discovered another big one. They were all up inside and when I removed the cover I realized I’d uncovered another hive. I retreated, got the spray and took care of that one. There’s a reason I was doing it right before sunset when any yellow jackets wouldn’t be active.

I still have some more caps to remove and then the top and side braces. I think once that’s done it’ll sort of collapse. I’m not sure. Eventually I’ll get it over to the junk pile as more stuff to get hauled away.

Update 09/19/2009:
The pool is mostly gone now. We finished dismantling it. Cut up the metal side into manageable sheets and hauled it over to the junk pile. The only thing remaining is the liner needs to get dragged over to the junk pile. Pieces of it are already over there and the rest should be mostly drained by now.

Pool Gone

Pool Gone

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, which we have

Parts Needed