Photo Updates

We are so bad about posting! We’ve had a lot of sunshine the last two weeks. Too much! It got to be way too hot for a couple of days. Thankfully it has cooled down somewhat so today we were able to get things done outside. By we I mean Ryan, lol, I just took photos. First Ryan weed whacked some of the tall grass in the back yard. So that there would be a clear space to set up a pool. I know, last year we spent all that time taking down the pool and now we’re setting one up. This is just a little wading pool for Xander. Right now we aren’t even filling it halfway, just enough water for him to splash in.

Xander and the pool.

It was pretty warm out this afternoon. Since Poppy Seed and McCoy weren’t allowed in the pool they cooled off in the shade. This part of the yard hasn’t gotten weed whacked yet!

Poppy Seed and McCoy in the shade.

Poppy Seed and McCoy in the shade.

The garden is doing pretty good, at least some plants. The spinach bolted and bugs, slugs, or something killed off the tomato plants. But we’ve still got a lot of  lettuce, carrots, beets, potatoes, and other yummies.

Garden July 11th

Watering the garden.

The chickens are full grown now. We have started letting them run around the yard (when the dogs are inside). They love running free. They also love strawberries so we had to put some fencing around the planters. Unfortunately we didn’t realize their love of blueberries right away and by the time we did the chickens had harvested them all!

Chickens on parade.

Chickens on parade.

Soon they’ll be laying eggs! We can’t wait!

Remove Pool

Urgency: High
Cost: $??, unknown to haul away
Status: In progress

Description: There’s a large above-ground pool behind the house that the mortgage appraiser wanted removed before the house sold. We were told it had been removed only to discover that it hadn’t actually happened. The seller’s agent was going to still remove it, but after encountering yellow jackets gave up. So now we’re left with getting rid of the the thing. It hasn’t been maintained. Under each of the metal joint caps yellow jackets set up hives. Seriously. Anywhere from six to ten of the hives. I’d gotten rid of a bunch of them and then while removing the caps I discovered another big one. They were all up inside and when I removed the cover I realized I’d uncovered another hive. I retreated, got the spray and took care of that one. There’s a reason I was doing it right before sunset when any yellow jackets wouldn’t be active.

I still have some more caps to remove and then the top and side braces. I think once that’s done it’ll sort of collapse. I’m not sure. Eventually I’ll get it over to the junk pile as more stuff to get hauled away.

Update 09/19/2009:
The pool is mostly gone now. We finished dismantling it. Cut up the metal side into manageable sheets and hauled it over to the junk pile. The only thing remaining is the liner needs to get dragged over to the junk pile. Pieces of it are already over there and the rest should be mostly drained by now.

Pool Gone

Pool Gone

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, which we have

Parts Needed



Yesterday was supposed to be our closing date. That didn’t happen. Things are moving forward but not as quick as we’d hoped. I discovered yesterday that the pool which we’d been told was down was in fact still up. I drove past the place on my way to work to just look at it and noticed. That’s a problem. I called our real estate agent and he’s supposed to follow up on it. No idea how that’s going because we haven’t heard from him since. We’d also like to do a walk through before we sign but I don’t know if that’ll happen or not. We hope to sign tomorrow but it might not be until Tuesday. Assuming that the pool is taken care of and there are no other delays. We also want to know that the electrical panel has actually be replaced.

So we wait. At least we didn’t have to be out this weekend. If things had gone the way I wanted we would be moving stuff today. Instead we wait.