A new house brings with it all sorts of new things that need to be done. I’m sure there are more than listed here, but it’s a start:

  • Repaint & Reorganize Kitchen
  • Replace Exhaust Fans
  • Plant Garlic
  • Replace Electrical Outlets (in progress)
  • Replace Clothes Dryer
  • Add Clothes Line
  • Replace Flooring
  • Repaint Interior
  • Repaint Exterior
  • Remove Kitchen Cupboard Doors
  • Remove Junk
  • Remove Shed
  • Replace Carport Storage
  • Remove Pool
  • Baby-Proof House
  • Add Broadband Cable Internet
  • Add Water Service
  • Add Garbage Service
  • Add Electrical Service
  • Clean and Repair Fireplace
  • Add Porch Swing
  • Prune Trees
  • Clear Fence Line
  • Fence Backyard
  • Add Person Gates
  • Add Rollers for Car Gates
  • Remove Pests and Rodents
  • Clean House
  • Add Stand-Alone Studio/Shed
  • Add Chickens (and coop)
  • Add Garden Beds
  • Add Lawn Areas
  • Add Flower Beds
  • Add Goats (and housing)
  • Add Solar Hot Water
  • Add Solar Electric Panels
  • Build Compost Containers
  • Remove Exterior Concrete Slab
  • Add Solatube Lighting
  • Add Firewood Storage
  • Remodel Kitchen
  • Remodel Bathroom
  • Replace Bedroom Windows


One response to “Projects”

  1. Kami Avatar

    When it comes time for goats, I’d be happy to offer some advice (having been down that road myself …)

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