Yesterday was supposed to be our closing date. That didn’t happen. Things are moving forward but not as quick as we’d hoped. I discovered yesterday that the pool which we’d been told was down was in fact still up. I drove past the place on my way to work to just look at it and noticed. That’s a problem. I called our real estate agent and he’s supposed to follow up on it. No idea how that’s going because we haven’t heard from him since. We’d also like to do a walk through before we sign but I don’t know if that’ll happen or not. We hope to sign tomorrow but it might not be until Tuesday. Assuming that the pool is taken care of and there are no other delays. We also want to know that the electrical panel has actually be replaced.

So we wait. At least we didn’t have to be out this weekend. If things had gone the way I wanted we would be moving stuff today. Instead we wait.