House and Land

Next week we should be closing escrow on our new property. This is a huge move for us to finally get out of an apartment and into a place of our own where we can raise animals, garden and do all of the things we’ve been dreaming about for years. We’ve been getting all sorts of books in anticipation of everything we want to do. Clearly we can’t do it all at once so we’ll have to prioritize what comes first.

Right now we need to get through the buying process. If everything continues to go well we could be looking at having the keys in our hand within a week. As we get closer certain tasks are rising to the top of the list. We want to give the carpets and everything a good cleaning before we put in a bunch of furniture. I’m sure we’ll go through the place after that and identify those things we want to address first. Some outlets need to be fixed, I already know. There are other things like painting colors we want. Or even big projects like relocating the washer/dryer and remodeling the kitchen. Installing Solatubes in the hallway and maybe a couple other locations. Fixing the fireplace. Redoing the flooring. Solar hot water. Solar power. There’s lots of ideas limited only by funding and time. And that’s just the house.

Moving outside the house there are also tons of possibilities. Gardens! That’s a given. After being restricted to a small container garden on a shady porch this is going to be fantastic. Lots of ideas there. Fruit trees are already on the property but we’ll be working on making those better. Bee hives. Animals, including chickens, rabbits and goats. Again, only time and money limit what we might do.

So this is very exciting. We can’t wait.