Outcast Chicken

It’s been quite a while since the last post, but life continues here at Woolly Dragon Farm. Our chicken flock continues to do pretty well. Six of the chickens are in this photo, including Patty and Ren from the first flock. One of the black hens, however, has been the target of bullying by the […]


Our new pup Worf is nearly 6 months old now. He sure has grown since we got him in May. Here he is on the first night at our place, nearly 7 weeks old. 2 weeks later, sitting in Xander’s camping chair. And now, nearly 6 months old. He’s really tall, has gazelle legs, and […]


We’ve been really bad about posting on the site, we think about it but don’t always get to it as often as we might like. Last time we posted about our new chickens and turkeys. The chickens and turkeys have all grown up now. The chickens aren’t quite at the egg-laying stage but the turkeys […]

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