Remove Pool

Urgency: High Cost: $??, unknown to haul away Status: In progress Description: There’s a large above-ground pool behind the house that the mortgage appraiser wanted removed before the house sold. We were told it had been removed only to discover that it hadn’t actually happened. The seller’s agent was going to still remove it, but […]

Remove Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Urgency: High Cost: $0 to remove, disposal? Status: In progress, 8/15/2009 Description: The cupboard doors are not good. They had to go. It looks much better without them. Later on we’ll repaint the wood and eventually remodel, but for now it just needs to be opened up. Tools Needed Screwdriver Wheelbarrow (to haul to junk […]

Replace Clothes Dryer

Urgency: High Cost: $378 before tax and extended warranty Status: Done Description: The house came with all appliances, which was good for just moving in but the clothes dryer doesn’t actually dry the clothes. It might just be an easy fix, but it’s also so small that you can’t do a large load or blankets. […]


We got the keys later than we’d thought. We’d expected since we signed early in the day we’d get the keys early. That didn’t happen. It was nearly 7:00 PM before we got the keys. Since the water was off in the house (and it was late) we couldn’t do everything we wanted. I did […]


Yesterday we signed the papers on our new home. It’s pretty exciting. We’ll have a lot to do to get our homestead the way we want but it starts today. Later today we should get recording numbers and then the keys are going to be dropped off with me at work. I’m doing a half […]


Yesterday was supposed to be our closing date. That didn’t happen. Things are moving forward but not as quick as we’d hoped. I discovered yesterday that the pool which we’d been told was down was in fact still up. I drove past the place on my way to work to just look at it and […]

New Home

I’ve just set up the blog at it’s new home. Up until now has been redirecting to our personal site but I hope to start getting things ready for our big move out of the apartment to the country. This blog will track our progress and eventually will be a place to feature our […]

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