Our new pup Worf is nearly 6 months old now. He sure has grown since we got him in May. Here he is on the first night at our place, nearly 7 weeks old. 2 weeks later, sitting in Xander’s camping chair. And now, nearly 6 months old. He’s really tall, has gazelle legs, and […]

Cluck cluck, Gobble gobble

Our neighbors (whose dogs killed our chickens) bought us some replacement chicks and when we were at the store picking them out we also picked up 4 turkey poults. They’re all in a brooder box in our living room. So far this time raising birds hasn’t been as messy. We’re using wood shavings instead of […]

Garden Update

We’ve had such a cold and wet spring so our garden has gotten a late start. April 11th was one of our first nice days (that also coincided with Ryan’s days off!) and Xander and Ryan turned over the garden bed. The problem with doing catch up posts is things are out of order, when […]

Sad and Angry

I was going to title this post Massacre or Tragedy but those seem over the top and Sad and Angry really is what I am feeling. I looked out the window this morning and saw weird things in the yard, at first I thought it was the wood shavings we use for bedding but they […]


Spring is here according to the calendar but our weather seems to be confused. This week we’ve had snow and hail and this morning we woke to a layer of frost on everything. Last week we had a dry day, not sunny but at least not raining. We took advantage of it and got some […]

Photo Updates

We are so bad about posting! We’ve had a lot of sunshine the last two weeks. Too much! It got to be way too hot for a couple of days. Thankfully it has cooled down somewhat so today we were able to get things done outside. By we I mean Ryan, lol, I just took […]

Mow, mow, mow the lawn.

We got a lawn mower! A Scotts Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower. Uses no gas, no electricity. Produces no fumes, no noise. It burns calories, builds muscle. All in all a great lawn mower! After Ryan put it together he tried it out on our front yard. After he had mowed what he could of […]


The trees outside our gate were growing up into the power lines so we wanted to remove them. When Ryan’s parents visited for Xander’s 1st birthday they brought along their chain saw and that Saturday Ryan and his dad removed the trees. While Ricky cut down the trees with the chainsaw, Ryan chopped up all […]

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