Month: September 2014

  • Geodesic Chicken Coop Completed

    Geodesic Chicken Coop Completed

    This afternoon I finished the project I’d wanted to finish last week – the geodesic chicken coop from Zip Tie Domes is finished! Chicken Wire After working on the dome the last time, I still needed to finish covering it. That meant getting the dome covered in chicken wire, adding a tarp, perches, hanging the…

  • Geodesic Chicken Coop

    Geodesic Chicken Coop

    Our current chicken coop is an old shed that has fallen to disrepair over the years. It was old when we moved in, and we fixed it up enough to house the chickens, but it really wasn’t the best solution. One of our goals for this year was to get the chickens into new housing. For…

  • Backyard Entry and other Improvements

    Backyard Entry and other Improvements

    Yesterday I worked on the backyard entryway, laying down paving stones that we had picked up a while back but hadn’t used yet. I used fill dirt from the septic project to set them in place. It was a quick project. It’ll probably need some more dirt as things settle into place and it gets…

  • Cleaning Up

    The septic has been covered again with screened topsoil this time so it won’t be full of rocks the next time it has to be dug up. The rocky soil removed will get used elsewhere to fill in holes and level off areas where it won’t matter. Today we also took a truck-load of trash…

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