Love that sunshine!

Saturday was nice and sunny, I really wanted to get some work done but I wasn’t sure how much I could do with Xander on the loose.  He loves being able to explore so I didn’t want to confine him to the playpen (plus I can only be right around the house if he’s in the playpen– not going to haul it up the hill). On our last walk up into the orchard he had really enjoyed digging in the dirt with his hands so I thought he might enjoy digging with a spoon.  I grabbed the big pruning shears (what I call the loppers), a spoon and small bowl for Xander to dig with, and a bottle of water and we headed up to the orchard. Settled Xander down and went to the nearest tree to start pruning. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to work before he got bored with digging but I figured any work was good.

Xander digging

Digging a hole.

Xander measuring

Measuring how much dirt he'd removed.

It was amazing, give the boy a spoon and some dirt and he was completely enthralled. I was able to work on the trees for an hour and a half! I had to move Xander 3 times so that he was close to the trees I was working on but he didn’t try to wander off, for the most part he was content to just dig where I sat him.

Happy digger.

Happy digger!

I’m probably not doing the best job pruning but I’m really just aiming to remove damaged branches or ones that cross over each other and rub. After cutting the branches I hauled them all towards the path so we can move them down to the brush pile with the wheel barrow (not something I could do with Xander). I tried to get Poppy and McCoy to pose near the pile of branches for scale but they weren’t really cooperating.

Branch pile

Happy dogs!

They were however very happy that we all spent time outside in the sunshine.

Mow, mow, mow the lawn.

We got a lawn mower! A Scotts Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower. Uses no gas, no electricity. Produces no fumes, no noise. It burns calories, builds muscle. All in all a great lawn mower!

After Ryan put it together he tried it out on our front yard.

Ryan mowing lawn

Ryan and our new lawn mower.

After he had mowed what he could of the front yard (we’ll need to remove some branches to mow the whole thing), I started in on our side yard. The ground is very uneven and the grass very thick so it took a lot of pushing. I got most of the side yard done before dinner was ready and it was time to quit. It might be a little bit harder to use than a gas or electric mower but the benefit of it’s lack of sound pollution makes it so worth it! It was good exercise and I actually found it very peaceful, but boy are my arms sore today!

Kate mowing

Kate mowing the side yard.

Still have a lot more lawn to mow but the weather has turned rainy so it will have to wait. Hopefully by the next sunny day my sore arms will have recovered and I can mow the back yard.