Crop Circle

With fairly nice weather I couldn’t wait to get outside today and do some work. I wanted to finish the bed we’ve been working on.

Crop Circle

The work went pretty fast. I finished digging and raking the bed. The stones around the outside of the bed came from the bed. Those are only the biggest, most obvious ones. The soil has a lot more stones. With this circular bed now I’ve got an itching to dig other circular beds. Why do they have to be square? We’re considering what shape the paths should follow. A peace sign? Yin-yang symbol? I think I’m leaning to the yin-yang symbol.

I also transplanted our blueberries into a separate bed.

Digging It

Given the nice weather lately I’ve been out digging up the compacted ground where the pool used to be to prepare it for planting. There’s a lot of rocks. Tons of rocks. Most are smallish but I’m pulling out the bigger rocks and will use them as a border. Ultimately I’ll probably divide this circular bed into quarters for planting. I’m thinking of doing more circular beds. I think that’d be interesting. I could do more beds of different sizes from a small area that might be a couple zucchini. That’d be fun.


I worked from the outside around the bed inward. Alexander was out playing in the grass until he decided that the dirt looked like more fun.


I finished two of the outside rings, leaving the center still to dig. The ground is packed down pretty hard from the pool. Beside the stones I’ve pulled out I also took out concrete paving stones that had been put around underneath the pool footings and had been buried over time. I’m going to reuse those for a walkway.


There’s more to do today!