Winter Planning

It’s winter time and that means I’m dreaming about Spring. I’m thinking about all of the various projects I want to do. It’s finally sinking in that we have our own house and property! After so many years living in an apartment there’s the possibility of doing all sorts of interesting things. Lack of money limits us to some extent, but over time we can do a lot of different things. That’s what the project posts are about, getting a list of things to do and figuring out what we need to get them done.

But I’d also like to get on a regular posting schedule. There’s lots to be done. It’s time to dream!

*Really* Cold Weather!

It’s been down to 4°F lately. So cold that our pipes froze the other day, our car froze and it hasn’t been getting above freezing.

We’re adapting. Got the pipes thawed and the car. Now the water is trickling at night and I’ve been getting up to start the car. Hate doing it, but it’s too cold to ride the trike too. So at least I can get to work.

Fortunately the cold weather is supposed to get back to more normal 25-40° F temperatures soon.

Our Homestead

We lived in our last apartment for eleven years. Eleven years thinking about what we’d do when we got our own place with room for gardens, animals and everything else. Now we have the place and are slowly figuring out what to do first. I’ve posted a bunch of project posts as we’ve started working on things but I’m going to try and remember to post more frequently on the site about our progress.

Lately, with the arrival of cold weather (21 ° F this morning) we’ve been using the woodstove more frequently. That’s been interesting.