Plant Garlic

Urgency: High
Cost: $39
Status: In Progress
Description: I ordered garlic from Big John’s Garden this year. I was a little late in ordering so many varieties had sold out but I still got the Inchelium Red Garlic I wanted and another variety (was going to be Spanish Roja Garlic, but that was gone by the time my order got filled). One hard neck and one soft neck variety.

Tools Needed

Shovel, rake

Parts Needed



Yesterday ended up being a nice day and since I still had time before it got late I went out and started digging. Dug out the sod, dug down another layer, put the sod back in and then buried it. There are a fair number of stones in the ground, some of which I put around the sides of the bed including one big monster I hauled out. I’ll rake it out some more and get the garlic planted soon. The completed bed is 7′ x 4.5′